Corgi Lab Mix: Corgidor Puppies

Basic Information

The two of the most favorite breeds across the nations are Labrador Retriever and Corgi. So, when these two are mixed, you are creating potentially the most loved dog in the world! Just like its parents, the Corgi Lab mix is energetic, playful, loyal, and very handsome. As long as you are prepared to indulge in their playfulness, they will give their loyalty and friendship.


There are many high-quality dog food brands available in the market. You can choose the brand that best suits your budget as well as your dog’s palate. An adult lab corgi mix should eat up to two and three-fourth cups of dry food each day. Just give them food in parts at specific times during the day.

Another option that you can look into is the wet/canned food, or you can cook for them. While this is a better option, just make sure you know exactly what you are putting in your dog’s plate. You do not want to put anything that is harmful, so make sure you steer clear of sugar, excessive salt, onions, chocolate, and any other food that might be potentially dangerous. If you are not sure, just google dog food recipes. You could also have a detailed chat with your vet as to what would be the best diet plan for your Corgidor.

Whatever you give, just ensure that you do not overfeed them as it might lead to obesity and related health problems.


A Corgidor is quite easy to train. Since they are quite playful, they will learn at their own time. Their level of learning will depend on how much fun and food you can include in the training. Since this breed is extremely affectionate, do not be harsh with them. Just be consistent in your efforts, and over time they will get what you are trying to teach them. Work with treats, reward the good behavior and ignore the bad and include training as a game and you are golden.


Overall, Corgi Lab Mix Breeds are pleasing and friendly dogs. They are best suited for families with kids. They would get along excellently with any other pet that you might have. Due to the Labrador genes in them, they become overly attached to their families, so whatever you do, chose this dog only and only if you are going to be in their lives forever.

They do not get angry or aggressive, which is why they are great for families with small kids. The only time they get really worked up is if they feel that their humans are in any kind of danger, they can be very protective and can go to any lengths to save their humans.

Corgidor Puppies Pictures

Health Issues to look for

Designer breeds might end up with health issues that their parent breeds are prone to. But, Corgidors are surprisingly very healthy. But, you should read up on issues and symptoms of Labradors and Corgis. When getting the dog, ensure that its health records are up to date and schedule regular checkups with your vet. While there is no way to ensure individual dog’s health, one can always take precautions.

You should keep an eye out for any unusual behaviors and symptoms of the following diseases:

  • Joint Dysplasia
  • Eye Issues
  • Skin Infections
  • Ear Issues
  • Epilepsy
  • Bloating
  • Osteochondritis dissecans
  • Obesity
  • Cold Tail
  • Back Problems
  • Disk Diseases


Corgi Lab breed is an active breed, so you would need to take it for daily exercise. Long walks and even longer play sessions are what this dog longs for. Your dog would also enjoy swims and games like fetch. The more off leash time you provide for your dog, the happier it will be. So basically, the more outdoor activity time you schedule for your pup, the better bonding and enjoyment both of you will have.

When bored this dog can become destructive or can start begging for your attention in negative ways. To ensure that everyone is happy, take at least two to three long walks a day.

So, Would you and Corgidor get well in life?

In order to see if you and a Corgidor would work together, here are the brief points that you need to consider:

  • Coat Length: Medium
  • Maintenance: A Labrador Corgi mix would require moderate maintenance, all you need to do is regularly brush its fur and groom it every once in awhile.
  • Shedding: Well..let’s just say the vacuum cleaner would be used quite often.
  • Training: Both Labs and Corgis are quite playful, so while the Corgidor will be trained, it will take its own sweet time.
  • Weight: A Corgi and Lab mix would weigh around thirty-five to sixty pounds
  • Activity Levels: You will need to ensure at least two long walks, and as many trips to the dog park as you can.
  • Kid Friendly: This breed is quite active and playful. It would be a great companion for kids of all ages.
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 15 years



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