All About Corgi Husky Mix Puppies – Horgi/Siborgi Cross Breed

Corgi Husky is one of the cutest breeds that is the cross – breed between a Siberian Husky and a Pembroke Welsh or Cardigan Welsh Corgi as well. He is also known by the name of Horgi or Siborgi. The corgi is mixed with Husky to get the small sized dog that enjoys the characteristics of both the breeds. I would like to discuss them so that you can have the detailed understanding of them. The discussion will be based on their origin, temperament, features, appearance, training schedule, health, company with other pets and care needed to them.


The two dog breeds Husky, and Corgi is recognized as working and herding dogs. Their cross breeds result into Horgi which is termed as the designer dog. In the breeding process, the Pembroke or Cardigan is involved that is known as one of the oldest breeds of Britain. The cross of both the breeds results in excellent herding dog as Corgis are meant to be herding dogs and huskies, sledding dogs.

The Siberian Husky

He has come from a tribe of Siberian nomads that were reared to pull sleds. They were in Alaska in 1908 to pull the sled. They used to get involved in dogsled racing, and this trend still goes on. In 1930, they flourished in America. They are considered as pack animal that wishes to be with the family. The prefer pack leader that can establish their supremacy over them.

You will observe a lot of energy in them. An adequate amount of exercise is needed to make them comfortable and happy. They are frisky and sociable. They adore to the members of the family. They howl but don’t bark.

The Corgi

The Pembroke and Cardigan are two types of Welsh Corgis. The Cardigan is considered to be older than Pembroke. He used to drive cattle in Wales. If you compare him with Pembroke, then you will observe that he is less societal. He is trainable and smart. Now and again he does something on his own as he possesses independent nature.

The Pembroke Corgi was also found on the farms in Wales. He might have originated from the Vikings or the Flemish weavers. He serves as the working dog and also treated like the family pet. He is intelligent and loving by nature but stubborn too. He is fond of food so can quickly gain weight.

Corgi Husky Mix Pictures

Now I would like to draw your attention on core traits of Horgi puppies in tabular form.    

Height   13- 15 Inches
Weight 25-50 pounds
Grooming Moderate to high
Shedding Seasonal, great at shedding times
Brushing Regularly
Hypoallergenic No
As Family pet Brilliant
With Children   Socialization aids in becoming worthy
Life Span 12-15 years
Exercise Regularly a long walk accompanied with play
Fat Tendency to get excessively
Training Quick learners but requires insistent and active approach
Tolerance to heat and cold Good
Barking Rare to recurrent
Acceptance to isolation Low to moderate
Type of Coat Dual, dense and long-drawn-out
With other pets Fairly good on training
Health issues Skin, eye and back problem, hip dysplasia, obesity
Sensitive to touch Medium to High
Wanderer Moderate


The Corgi Husky mix is active and sweet in a temper. If you are firm, then you can quickly train him as he holds smartness. He is friendly and makes great companion yet alert by nature. He is social so enjoys social gatherings and loves to be the center of attention. He tends to be enthusiastic and congenial to his lot. Though corgi husky puppies are alert, still they don’t serve as the great watch dog.


The Siberian husky corgi mix is close to the ground that comes in the small to medium sized dog. Like Corgi they have short legs. They feature erect ears, round head, and almond shaped eyes. The head is foxy in shape. It is perceived that Horgi was bred to have the look of the Husky and small body size of the Corgi. Approximately his height is 13-15 inches, and weight is 20-50 pounds. The robust-looking dog has Corgi’s or Husky’s like coat with common colors are cream, black, orange, brown, blue, red, white. In wet environments, their double coat fur is very beneficial as it keeps them warm.


Horgi puppies have medium to heavy shedding. All year round the corgi is a heavy shedder, and due to double coats, Husky is high shedder too. Grooming is required on a daily basis to control the shedding.


The husky corgi mix is easy to train as they are active and intelligent breed. The training goes well if you are consistent and firm. Sometimes they have the stubborn side, and the husky in them demands strong leadership. At the time of housetraining, they can pose challenges.


The moderate amount of exercise is needed for Corgi Husky mix. Some play accompanied by the regular walk can keep them happy and healthy. The lack of exercise can make them destructive. Allow them to wander in the dog park freely so that they can form interaction with other dogs. Give them the platform to play with you.


The corgi husky puppies shed all the year round as their parents are known to be heavy shedders. They are not hypoallergenic. Brush them every day. Use the dog shampoo to bathe them whenever they require washing. Check their ears once a week and brush the teeth at least three times a week. If you find their nails too long, then get it trimmed carefully as they possess nerves and vessels in them.


It is preferable to give Siborgi a healthy dry dog food. It would be advisable to preset the feeding hours for them. The breed type and the size of the dog decide the feeding amount. Normally they require 2 to 3 cups of higher quality dry food and serve them twice in a day. If they over-eat, then they can gain weight quickly. By observing their daily diet, you can make out the amount of food they require on an average.

His chemistry with children and other pets

The early socialization and training make corgi husky mix good with the kids and other pets. If at the younger stage they get more exposure to be with different animals and situations, then it results in better learning and development.

Health Issues

The husky corgi mix takes over their parents’ genetic disorders. They can suffer from back problems, skin and eye problem, hip dysplasia, obesity, epilepsy and much more. The careful breeding can reduce their health problems. A good breeder can provide good Horgi.

How to look after them?

Taking care of corgi mixed with husky is important. Plan their exercise schedule on a daily basis. Guide them for the long walk. Observe their weight from time to time. Provide them with the varieties of toys so that they can let out their energy. All these physical exercises will make their muscles robust and active. Take care of their vaccines and dental checkup.

Overall Information

The Corgi Husky mix gets open with strangers so they can’t serve as good watch dogs. He is best suited to cold climates as compare to the hotter environment. The weight problems can be observed due to the weak body which can result in a backache.


The Horgi is the designer breed that costs near about $300 to $700. They serve as the working dog. They possess high energy level. In a smaller sized dog, you can observe the qualities of husky. Here you will get the overview of them.


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