Corgi German Shepherd Mix – Corman Shepherd

Cormoan Shepherds are the link between German Shepherds and Corgis. Many people also refer to them as corgi shepherd mix. Since both its parents are extremely intelligent, it was destined for this dog to always think of ways it could one up you. The dog needs proper training, as it has German Shepherd in its blood, it will keep on trying to coax you into doing what they want to do. This breed would make an excellent family dog and has a life expectancy of about 12 years .

  • Origin:

The German Shepherd Corgi mix is a designer breed, the demand for such breeds is rising these days. But, the thing to consider here that even the dogs that we now consider as pure pedigrees were once designer dogs themselves, only at that time there was no such term and were considered just breeded dogs. So, just like any of the mixed breeds, a person would have to understand the behavioural traits of both parents in order to understand the Corman Shepherd.

The German Shepherd was first bred in order to serve as a herding dog. It then started working with the Police and Military during and after the WW1. They are known for loyalty, hard work, and is quite energetic. In early days the breed tends to stay away from strangers and needs time to warm up and be affectionate. The dog that loves to be trained, but hates to be along.

Coming to the Corgis, there is a common belief that Corgis come from faries. In reality, they descended from the Swedish Cattle Dogs in the 9th Century. Just like German Shepherds, the Corgis are also family as well as working dogs. They are independent by nature, and can be stubborn if they do not get what they want. But, they are also quite affectionate and loyal.

As we have seen, both breeds have quite common character traits, so a Corgi Shepherd mix breed is bound to have all these qualities.

  • Temperament:

Great work ethics, loyalty and excellent companionship…since both the parents of a Corman Shepherd is bound to have all this in abundance. They are excellent family dogs and are easily trainable. One thing to keep in mind is that this dog might be prone to be a bit stubborn and is extremely active. It may even try to herd the family, if not trained in a proper manner.

Since this is a family dog, it will be a great fit for families where at least someone would be near to it. This dog is prone to depression and anxiety if left alone for long periods. In this case, it might get destructive as well.

All in all with proper training and lots of love and attention, this dog is the most loving, dedicated, and loyal.

Corman Shepherd Pictures

  • Appearance:

A German Shepherd Corgi mix is about 12-14 inches high. It is attracted to food, so it is highly likely to be on the obese side of the spectrum. So, you could expect an adult Corman Shepherd to be anywhere between twenty to seventy pounds.

Depending upon the type of genes it inherits, it can be classified either as a medium or a large sized dog. But, even with that, it has Corgi leg, which means that its legs are quite small as compared to its body. Overall, it has a very sturdy frame.

It has a flat head, almond eyes, and long erect ears. It has inherited its coat from German Shepard, so depending on the place it is living, the length of the coat should be medium to long. The coat is usually quite smooth and easy to manage. It comes in different shades of brown, golden, and classic black and white.

  • Exercise Needs:

Since this is an extremely active dog, the more you encourage them to be active and tire them out, the better it would be for you. When bored, the dog could potentially look for release outlets in your house and you definitely do not want that. Ideally, you should take it for at least two long walks, free outside area to jump and play around and some play time at the dog park.

This is another reason why this dog would not be suited for people who are not at home for majority of time.

  • Training:

Because of its intelligence, a Corgi German Shepherd mix is extremely easy to train. From the start you need to be firm and stand your ground, if it realizes that you are the leader, your life will be a piece of cake. If not, then it is going to walk all over you. Your level of dominance will determine if they respect and listen to you or not.

If you wish to know about any other Corgi mix breeds, feel free to look around this website.

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