All About Corgi Chihuahua Mix Puppies – Chigi Cross Breed

The Chihuahua and Pembroke Welsh Corgi are crossed to give birth to Chigi. She is identified by different names Chi-Corgi, Chorgi, Chihuahua/Corgi. You will be pleased to know that this toy breed can develop a strong bonding with the owner and his family. She is a very active and sociable breed that has the small and sturdy structure with a long tail.

You must be eager to explore about Corgi Chihuahua Mix. I will take you to the gallery where you will get the in-depth information about their origin, appearance, temperament, training, care, diet, grooming, health issues and much more.

So let’s move on step by step to know about Chigi cross breed.

From where Chigi come into the picture?

The process of breeding mixed dogs is going on since last 50 years. The trend of designer dog has become popular among the folks. Mixes are created due to its admiration. Little information is available about who bred the Chigi and what was the reason behind that? We have to look at the parents and their history to gain more information Chigi.

The Chihuahua

The precise origins are not observed for Chihuahua. In Mexico, a state called Chihuahua, this breed was seen by Americans whom they brought it at home. The dog was tiny, and people fall in love with them.They were found in the 1850s. With time he became famous and now out of 155 AKC recognized breeds, he is considered as the 11th top favorite dog.

The Corgi

The two varieties of Welsh Corgis have been observed Pembroke and Cardigan. The Cardigan is older than the Pembroke. It is believed that Pembroke Corgi came into existence in 9th to 10th centuries or 12th century. The Queen of England, Elizabeth II has these dog. Since starting, they are treated as the working dog but now more as the family pet.

Chigi Cross Breed Pictures

Here you can have the overall view of the Chigi

Height Near about 7-12 inches
Weight Approx 10-20 pounds
Hypoallergenic No
Type of Coat Can be short or medium or long and straight
Shedding Low to Moderate
Touchiness Extremely sensitive
Tolerance to Heat Moderate to low depending on  coat
Tolerance to Cold Low to excellent depending on coat
As a Family Pet Brilliant
Tendency to gain fat Average

How is the behavior of Chigi?

The Chigi is considered as one of the mannerly dogs that enjoy the cuteness of Chihuahua mix with the herding characters of Corgi parent. They are keen to delight the owner and his family. Being social they can quickly become the center of household activity. Both openness and calmness are shown in their behavior. They are at ease with kids and strangers, but they should not be kept with children for the longer time if your Chigi has adopted the side of Chihuahua parent. They go well with other pets in the family.

They don’t make a good watch dog and don’t bark much, and generally, you will observe quiet nature of them. If they sense anything suspicious, then they would make you alert.

How is the appearance of the Chigi?

The Corgi Chihuahua mix weighs near about 10 – 20 pounds and the height ranges from 7-11 inches. They are small in size having a short to medium or long straight coat. They have the long tail with dark eyes and nose. Their legs are short, and body is sturdy that resembles a smaller Corgi.

Do they require training and exercise?

The Chihuahua-Corgi mix does not take much time to learn if you socialize them when they are the young puppy. Make them familiar with the pets, friends, and family. Teach them potty training and obedience training. Due to their smartness, they require less repetition whenever they are persuaded to listen. They learn quickly, so it is easy to train them.

How much is grooming desirable?

The Corgi Chihuahua mix requires moderate maintenance. To keep their coat healthy, you should brush them a couple of times in a week. When they get dirty, give them a bath. If nails get too long, then trim it carefully. At least twice a week brush their teeth and wipe the ears to make it clean.

How is the relation with other animals and children?

The Corgi Chihuahua mix is virtuous with other pets and children. If the Chigis are small like Chihuahua and they are in the company of small children, then you have to supervise them.

Which type of diet is recommended?

Give the Chihuahua Corgi Mix a nutritious diet. The quality food will give them proper growth. The diet should be balanced and give them according to the size and energy levels of the breed.

How to look after them?

At least once a day take your Corgi Chihuahua mix for walking and jogging. Allow them to play in open yard that is safe for them. They possess strong herding instinct that will keep their mindset vigorous and fit. If you take them dogs park, then it will work wonders.

What are the Health Issues?

The Chihuahua-Corgi mix can have some health issues from their parents like Patellar Luxation, Heart, and Eye problems; Von Will brand, Hip dysplasia, collapsed Trachea, Hydrocephalus.

How much they cost?

The Corgi Chihuahua mix cost between $200 to $750. The cost of the crate, leash, medical expense, toys, food is additional.

The Chigi is a great companion dog that mixes up easily. They are the perfect pet for families and apartments. Anybody can love them due to their friendly nature. You will enjoy the company of these little puppies. Their contented and willing behavior will develop the emotions of love and attachment in the hearts of the people for these loving pets.

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