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Corgi Beagle mix is the designer dog breed that is known as the Beagi. It is crossed between the Welsh Corgi and a Beagle.The other name of this small cross breed is Corgeagle or Beagle/Corgi Mix. To get the overview of Beagle corgi mix in detail, I would like to share with my readers the origin, appearance, temperament, training, exercise, and health issues. If you have detailed information about Corgi and Beagle Mix, then your make your decision confidently that whether you should owe Beagi or not.

First of all, let’s pay attention about how Beagi came into existence?

It is hard to make out when the designer breed dog came into survival, but assumptions tell that hybrid was formed over the last two decades. No clear pieces of evidence are available to make out why or where the hybrid dog came into subsistence.

The pedigrees of the Beagle Corgi Mix are uncertain, but their information can be gained from the parent’s breeds. So let’s discuss Beagle and Corgi to have detailed idea about the crossed breed- Beagi

Beagle- In Roman times, Beagle like dogs were mapped out. The Beagle we are familiar today has cluttered history. The starting of the Beagle observed in the mid-1800s. At that time they were reared for their hunting skills. In our day also they are served as hunting dogs while some are valued family pets and chums as well.

Corgi- The Pembroke and the Cardigan are the two varieties of Welsh Corgi. Commonly the Cardigan is considered bigger, heavier and has a long tail and older than Pembroke. It is assumed that in Wales, the Cardigan helped to drive cattle and regarded as the cherished pet for thousands of years. They are trainable and smart and but can be a little bit defensive. The Pembroke was prevalent at the time of Queen Elizabeth II. At the time of Vikings, the origins of these breeds are witnessed. They played an active role, even on farms.

How does Corgi Beagle Mix look like?

The Beagi possesses long curled tail, round eyes in dark brown colors and flappy ears resembling Beagle. You will notice that they are typically short dogs that can take longer body and snout. Their double coat is squat and thick beneath. On the top, the coat is soft. The coat is water-resistant that have multiple colors like white, sable, fawn, red, black, yellow, white, black, orange, yellow and tan.

How is the temper of Beagle Corgi Mix?

Beagi is an active and bouncy dog who is sociable too. It can easily interact with children and older people. They develop the firm connection with people around them. They enjoy being the part of the family activity. They love to be the center of attention and dislike to be left alone for the longer time. They proved to be the great family dog. They are patient, devoted and loving pets that wish to display their friendliness.

How to train Corgi Beagle Mix?

They are intellectual and perform well with training. Sometimes they possess self-governing nature and can be obstinate so they need a trainer who can assist these loving breeds. The trainer should be skilled in adopting positive training methods like admiration and treats. The firm trainer can inculcate healthy habits in Beagi. It will be worthy if you start their training early so that they prove to be the best company.

Does Corgi Beagle Mix require exercise?

Being active, Beagi needs exercise on a regular basis. As an owner you have to pay attention to their play time, walks, mental and physical activities so that they can behave constructively. They will enjoy playing in dog’s park and games like fetch. The daily activity will save them from obesity. Regular brisk walk along with indoor games will provide them fit and healthy body. It will help them in mental stimulation.

How to take care of Corgi Beagle Mix?

Moderate amount of maintenance is required for Beagi as they are the average shedder. If you want their shedding not much possible in the house, then brush these loving dogs every alternative day. Use a dog shampoo to bathe them whenever they require bathing. Clean their ears once in a week by dog ear cleanser and cotton ball. Twice or thrice in a week, brush their teeth. Many people do not think about, but it is necessary to take care of the puppies by giving them the freedom to go out in the backyard or front garden in your home. It helps them to take fresh air and also make them feel energetic. For this, a good quality automatic dog door can help you a lot. Such doors are affordable, easy to install, and works automatically which means you need not to worry about opening or closing the gate manually. Also, take care of their nails & if their nails get too long, then trim their nails.

Beagi Puppies Pictures

What are the Health Issues of Corgi Beagle Mix?

  • The Beagi has the average life span of 12 to 15 years.
  • They inherit health issues from either of their parents – Beagle and Corgi. Crossbreeds are healthier, but still, they can face some health problems like eye problems, epilepsy, skin problems, Beagle Dwarfism, Hip dysplasia, ear infections, hepatitis, anemia, and narcolepsy.
  • It would be recommendable for the safer side to enquire the breeder to make clear the parental health issues so that you can make your choice accordingly.
  • You can visit the breeder and the puppy to watch the exact condition of the dog.
  • The parental health clearances will help you to minimize the health problems.

Now have a quick look on the traits of Corgi Beagle Mix

Average Height Small body structure
Usual Weight Between 10 -20 pounds
Type of Coat Double, dense , soft and squat
Touchiness Fairly subtle
Forbearance to heat Good to very good
Forbearance to cold Moderate to very good
Family Pet Excellent
With other dogs Very good with socialization
Wanderer Moderate to high
Hypoallergenic No

Wide-ranging Facts about Corgi Beagle Mix

Beagi barks sporadically and you may observe the Beagle howl in Beagi. They serve as the good watchdogs and frequently play the role of family or companion dogs.

Give your Beagi good quality dry food in 3/4 to 1 ½ cups quantity. To avoid overeating, you have to measure out their food so that they do not become overweight. Nutritious food will result in sound health.

The average cost of the new puppy is $200-$600. The average annual medical expense is $435-$535, and non-medical cost is $300-$400.

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